Company Profile

Established in 1928, San Tai Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. primarily focused on manufacturing agricultural fluid machinery. In the late '50s, San Tai began to design and manufacture centrifugal pumps. Today, San Tai Pumps is the leading centrifugal pump supplier in Taiwan. 

With over 80 years of pump-making experience, we have manufactured pumps for some of the most notable government and private sectors in Taiwan. We delivered 2000 HP of double suction pumps to the China Steel Co., 4000 HP of vertical mixed flow pumps to the pumping station near city of Kaohsiung, 1700 HP vertical mixed flow pumps to the Formosa Heavy Industry Co., 1650 mm in diameter of flood control pumps to the pumping station near city of Taipei, and 4000HP water circulation pumps to TPC combine cycle power plant.

Our current headquarters was completed in November of 1999. Built within a 3200 square meter lot in Chia Yi County’s industrial park, our manufacturing facility features a state-of-the-art testing bay (a flow capacity of 16 CMS = 253,624 GPM) and data analysis stations.

Our pumps are widely used in a variety of industries in Taiwan, China, Japan, South East Asia, and North America. We are committed to offer thorough knowledge of product applications and the design capability to all our customers. 

We are a company who was and still is a firm believer in the management concept of "Quality First & Customer First". Our expertise ensures that San Tai Pumps is the "Solutions for Today’s Industry".